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TMJ Problems and How You Can Prevent Them


For many people, issues with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) that controls the hinge of the jaw may seem like a natural part of life. After all, it’s increasingly common for adults to suffer from inflammation of the TMJ at some point in their lives, for as little […]

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3 Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

four types of wisdom tooth, vector EPS10

As they’re typically the last 4 teeth to come in, wisdom teeth tend to run the highest rate of complications. Sometimes, when the jaw simply isn’t the right size to accommodate these teeth’s emergence through the gums, you get what the dental industry calls an “impaction”. This […]

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Call me Mr Potato Head too (You are what you eat)


by Deva Tucker   We have always heard the phrase “you are what you eat” and if that statement is true, just call me Mr. Potato Head. I can’t help it, I love potatoes. French fried, mashed, roasted or raw I love them all. My favorite way […]

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Recently, sleepless nights seem to be the norm in my life. Eight hours of sleep used to be a breeze. Heck, 10 hours was not out of the question (OK, I have to admit, that was pre-children, and I don’t think I slept a full night again […]

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Silver Fillings Conspiracy Theories part II


On our last blog, we were discussing the popular belief that amalgam/silver fillings are dangerous for our health. On today’s blog will talk about the theories form by pseudo-scientific research. First, it is important to understand the “research” behind the amalgam filling claims. None of the research […]

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Cinco de Mayo


by Deva Tucker   I guess I fall into the category of most Americans when asked what Cinco de Mayo means. Got this one! High school Spanish class, the 5th of May, BINGO. For the importance of this day, I just assumed it was the Mexican equivalent […]

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Silver Fillings Conspiracy Theories part I


In the field of dentistry, there are many treatments and procedures that some patients find troublesome or worrisome. Sometimes, these fears are founded and others are not and can cause problems. Patients often refuse treatments or needed care based on stories they have heard that may not […]

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Fun Facts Friday: Animal Edition


A fossilized T-Rex tooth can weigh up to a pound. A snail’s mouth is no larger than the head of a pin, yet it can contain over 25,000 teeth. Dolphins use their teeth to grab only, not to chew, as dolphins’ jaws have no muscles. Mosquitoes have […]

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Trees For The Earth


“Trees For The Earth” is the theme for Earth Day 2016. The Earth Day movement, was started in the 1970′s by John McConnell, a Christian and Peace Activist. He based this passion on bible passages such as Psalm 115:16, “The highest heavens belong to the Lord, but […]

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5 Tips to Maintain Clean Teeth


Maintaining clean teeth is a simple task. That is, if you know what you should and should not be doing. In fact, there is more to keeping your teeth clean than simply brushing. Here are five tips that will help you maintain clean, healthy, white teeth that […]

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