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How are Dental Assistants Trained?

Smiling Nurse Carrying Medical Charts January 30, 2004

For those with a passion for helping others, dental assisting has become a very attractive career choice. For several reasons, including job stability and relatively quick entry into the workforce, the occupation has become coveted by interested applicants. That’s not to say it’s an easy job to […]

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Child Safety, Now Why Didn’t I Think of That?


A recent trip to Carowinds with my 6-year-old grandchild really opened my eyes about keeping children safe in a crowd. If we had become separated, I would have panicked. Having a death grip on her hand, holding my breath and lots of prayers was my game plan. […]

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Do You Know The Meaning Behind The Official Symbol of Dentistry?


What Is the Official Symbol of Dentistry? The American Dental Association started using the official symbol of dentistry in 1965. It can be recognized by the snake coiled around a staff before two branches bearing 20 berries and 32 leaves, which are centered in a design that […]

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Tips For Working Moms

mother talking on a mobile phone while cooking with her daughter

I have to hand it to all the working mothers out there. Raising a family and holding down a full-time job is the hardest job in the world. I see it first hand, my daughter (lawyer) and my daughter in law (accountant) both work very hard to […]

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The History of Dental Hygienist


100 Years of Dental Hygiene. Go with us on a trip through time as we learn how Dental Hygienists became what they are today.

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Teach Your Children 911


I heard a fact recently that really surprised me. About 50% of all American homes do not have landlines. Another fact is 70% of all 911 calls are received from cell phones. Growing up, it was simple, if you had an emergency; you just dialed 0 and […]

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Getting The Most From Your Dental Insurance Plan


By Nicole Mitchell   Is it just us, or is the mouth a part of the human body? So why do we have separate insurance for our body AND mouth when our oral health affects our overall health? Those questions aside, let’s talk about dental insurance, its […]

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Tomato Sandwich Anyone?


I have to admit when people ask me where I’m from, I always say, “The South”. Their next question is, “South of what?” Alright already, South Jersey. Yes, I’m one of “those Yankees”. I may not have been born in The South, but you can’t make me […]

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Fun Facts Friday: Dental Stuff


Americans buy more than 14 million gallons of toothpaste every year. Blue toothbrushes are the most popular color. The first toothbrush with bristles was made in China in 1498. Bristles from hogs, horses, and badgers were used. In North America, over 3 million miles of dental floss […]

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The History of Dentists

A dentist and his nurse give a schoolboy his treatment, 1910s. From the Landskrona Museum Collection. (Photo by IBL Bildbyra/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

Dentists are everywhere and with good reason… a dentist is someone that is able to prevent and treat conditions or diseases that occur in our mouths. Seeing that our oral cavity is a big part of everyone’s daily routine, it is of the utmost importance that we […]

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