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Fun Facts Friday: Animal Edition


A fossilized T-Rex tooth can weigh up to a pound. A snail’s mouth is no larger than the head of a pin, yet it can contain over 25,000 teeth. Dolphins use their teeth to grab only, not to chew, as dolphins’ jaws have no muscles. Mosquitoes have […]

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Trees For The Earth


“Trees For The Earth” is the theme for Earth Day 2016. The Earth Day movement, was started in the 1970′s by John McConnell, a Christian and Peace Activist. He based this passion on bible passages such as Psalm 115:16, “The highest heavens belong to the Lord, but […]

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5 Tips to Maintain Clean Teeth


Maintaining clean teeth is a simple task. That is, if you know what you should and should not be doing. In fact, there is more to keeping your teeth clean than simply brushing. Here are five tips that will help you maintain clean, healthy, white teeth that […]

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Long in the Tooth


The expression ‘long in the tooth’ has long been used to refer to old age in either humans or horses. The term originated from the ability to discern a horse’s age simply by looking at their teeth. Horses were a hot commodity and a common means of […]

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Are water flossers beneficial?


What You Ought to Know about Water Flossers Your teeth are irreplaceable assets, so you need to protect and maintain them. A visit to the dentist is a hernia for many people. Therefore, good oral hygine practices are a must-do; it pays off. Some of your dental […]

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How Does Diet Affect Our Dental Health?


Many people think that brushing your teeth a few times daily and flossing regularly will put them firmly on the road toward a healthy smile, when the truth could be that they’re damaging their teeth every day. Brushing and flossing are only the start to a healthy […]

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Spring Into the New Season With White Teeth!

Beautiful Teeth

What do you notice when you first meet someone? Perhaps their eyes, hair but most often it is their SMILE.  That’s why bleaching is so popular, especially during the spring and summer months.  Spring is one of the busiest times of the year with proms, graduations, weddings and vacations […]

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Dental Care Tips for Aging


For most people, just the thought of having to go to the dentist is enough to send them into a mad frenzy. The only major difference between the elderly and others is the type of dentistry and dental care that is recommended and required.  These senior citizens […]

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The Link Between the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs

Easter Bunny

So just how did the Easter Bunny come to be the symbol of the Easter Holiday and why does he have eggs? The early church, some say, did not allow the eating of eggs during Lent, others say they were off limits just the week before Easter […]

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Toothpaste Hacks

courtesy of

Being in the dental field, I’m obsessed with all things dental. Yes, smiles are the first thing I notice about a person. It’s a part and parcel of the trade. So, when I kept seeing all these tips and hacks on Pinterest (another obsession) for other uses […]

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