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Cold and Canker Sores: The Stress Connection


Cold sores and canker sores are two of the most unwelcome oral problems you can develop. While both occur either in or around the mouth, they are two different conditions and are often confused. They do develop from similar triggers, such as stress. These common sores are […]

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Why Invisalign® Makes So Much Sense For Your Teen


If you are like most parents whose teen is in need of straightening their teeth, you probably get nagged on a regular basis about finding a solution. Nowadays, teenagers do not want to wear traditional braces when it’s possible to avoid them. They aren’t very attractive, they […]

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Best Dental Practices for Children

A group of children brushing their teeth.

One factor that contributes to a healthy and happy lifestyle is the proper care and up-keep of children’s teeth, mouth and gums. Many questions arise regarding the oral health of young children; how much toothpaste to use, how to floss, when to know if tooth pain is […]

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Do’s and Don’ts For Using An Electric Toothbrush


Families have been brushing their teeth with the proverbial manual toothbrush for decades. Manual brushing was the traditional way to clean teeth and maintain a healthy smile. Today there is another way to get clean, shiny, healthy teeth. The electric toothbrush proves to be the best source […]

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Is Your Smile Ready For Spring?


The winter hibernation is almost over. We’re sure you and your family are past ready to get outside and welcome spring! As you take a look at your calendar for the upcoming months, is it packed with special events?  When you look into the mirror, do you […]

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Pregnancy And Dental Health


Dental health is particularly important during pregnancy, because the mother’s dental health can have a direct impact on the child—both short and long term.  There are certain dental conditions directly related to pregnancy, and there is even a substance in oral bacteria that may bring on labor […]

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February Is National Children’s Dental Health Month


You want your child’s teeth to last a lifetime. So does Charlotte Dentistry®. That’s why Charlotte Dentistry is an active participant in the National Children’s Dental Health Month, an annual program sponsored by the American Dental Association.  This year’s NCDHM   campaign features the slogan “Join the Super […]

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How To Make Sure Valentine Treats Also Help Loved Ones Keep A Great Smile


Valentine’s Day is typically the biggest candy holiday of the year, next to Halloween. And many of the sweet gifts are given to children. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and while Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity toshow your loved ones how much you care, […]

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Questions To Ask Your Dentist About Your Child’s Teeth


At Charlotte Dentistry®, we love questions from patients. Ask away — we will never get tired of answering them! That’s because we know that the better the communications between our dental professionals and you, the better the dental health of you and your family.  In fact, we encourage patients […]

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Digital Impressions with Digital Imaging System

individual set for teeth whitening

NEW DIGITAL IMAGING TECHNOLOGY MAKES A GOOD IMPRESSION ON DENTISTS, PATIENTS Dental impressions have traditionally been a messy, uncomfortable business. Mold putty was mixed, packed into the patient’s mouth, and allowed to harden. If everything went right, an impression that could be used for crowns, bridges, or Invisalign […]

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