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June 23, 2011
Charlotte Dentistry 201 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC 28207

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Our Charlotte Dentistry Dentists

If you’ve moved to Charlotte, NC recently or just want to find a new dentist in Charlotte, look into the staff at Charlotte Dentistry®.

Whether you need to find family dentistry for the kids, orthodontics for braces or Invisalign®, periodontics, or cosmetic dentistry services like teeth veneers or dental implants, you will find one of our dentists is the professional to satisfy your needs.

Find out about the expertise and interests of the dentists at Charlotte Dentistry®, by viewing their bios, below:


Thomas W. Armstrong, DMD Jonathan D. Eshleman, DDS Eric P. Wolfinger, DDS Brenda L. Halsey, DDS R. Christopher Watson, DDS Kristen T. Bryson, DDS J. Wade McPhaul, DDS
Armstrong Eshleman Wolfinger Halsey Watson Bryson McPhaul
Marvin R. Domondon, DMD Tara S. Woodroof, DMD Lindsey Salone, DDS Jessica R. Kirk, DDS
Domondon Woodroof Salone Kirk


When you meet our dentists, we are sure you will find them to be among the most qualified, caring, and friendly dentists in Charlotte. Once you find your dentist, schedule an appointment with Charlotte Dentistry® today.