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Teenagers: Why You Might Consider Dentistry As A Career

Sadly, the summer is over, and it’s time to return to school. There are a lot of things to consider and plan for: classes to choose, fashion selections, extracurricular activities, and what career possibilities to begin considering—because what you do in high school does have an impact […]

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Charlotte Dentistry: Continuing To Go Green

As a part of our ongoing process, Charlotte Dentistry® continues to look for ways to make our business greener and more sustainable. We look for ways to better care for our world, we’re not just caring for our patients’ teeth – we’re caring and preparing for the […]

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Seeing Your Practice Through Your Patient’s Eyes

There’s an old Native American saying about not judging a man until you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins. It’s also wise not to make assumptions about your business until you see your practice through your patients’ eyes. That’s actually easier said than done. You can ask […]

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Want More Patients? Go Mobile!

Your website is one of your most important new business tools. The majority of new patients will visit your website before they make contact with you. And many of them will be using their smartphones or tablets to get their first look at your practice. In fact, […]

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Become A Leader For Your Dental Practice

There are good managers and then there are good leaders. These are two different things. As the owner of a practice, it’s more important for you to focus on being a good leader. You can hire good managers but it’s very difficult for anyone other than the […]

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In-House Or Outside? Your Practice’s Approach To Dental Labs

When you start your practice, unless you have much-better-than-average funding, you’ll most likely outsource dental lab work.  And there are plenty of well-qualified dental labs around the country whose job it is to make things easy for dentists.  But, as your practice grows, you may want to […]

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Why Your Hygiene Recall System Is Critical To Your Bottom Line

Getting new patients is an important part of any practice.  But it is much more cost effective to keep your current patients—and make sure they come back for regularly scheduled appointments. That’s why your Hygiene Recall System is an area of your business that needs continuing attention.  […]

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Excellent Customer Service Is A Team Effort

Giving your patients excellent customer service as well as a positive experience from the moment they enter your office, until they leave, requires the right attitude.  But it also requires planning and coordination—like any team sport.  If one member of your staff slips up, it kills the […]

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Expanding Your Practice To Include Invisalign®

Invisalign® is a product that continues to grow in popularity as an alternative to metal braces.  Celebrities of all ages are using Invisalign trays to correct their smiles, and the negative stories about metal braces over the years make many patients hesitant about them.  So Invisalign offers […]

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Determining Time Required To Perform Different Dental Procedures

It doesn’t take long for you to find a variety of resources that have recommended time allotments for different dental procedures.  Insurance companies especially are willing to provide you with the time they believe it takes for you to do your work. But to properly manage your […]

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