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Growing Your New Dental Practice

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Part of our ongoing series on careers in dentistry.  Charlotte Dentistry® encourages young people to consider the dental profession and welcomes any questions you may have.

Starting a dental practice is an exciting(and a little scary at times) as we remember when Charlotte Dentistry was founded some 35 years ago. Building a practice takes an investment in time, in people, in business resources, and especially in today’s world, technology.

People are the first key to success. For a new dentist to be successful, he or she first must find skilled, professional people who also build the practice by providing the proper support, patient relations, and effective office skills. Many talented dentists fail in their own practices simply because they don’t have the support they need for the business side of the operations. Charlotte Dentistry has been blessed with dedicated professionals on the business side of our practice (many of whom have been with us for many years). They make it possible for our dental professionals to concentrate on giving patients the best possible care.

Investing back into the practice is the next key to success. It’s tempting for a young dentist, who may be just getting married, starting a family, and establishing a home to take home many of the profits from the business. But the dental professionals who succeed are the ones who put money back into their businesses to make sure they have the right equipment and people to keep the practice moving forward. It’s an ongoing process: Charlotte Dentistry continues to invest back into the practice, because we know our business is continually changing, and we have to keep up.

Finally, maybe the most important key in growing your new dental practice, is investing back into the patients’ and the community you serve. A new dental practice can advertise and promote (and it must), but it must also build trust with patients and people who may someday become patients. Word of mouth for a good dental reputation is the best advertising your practice can “buy”.

You do that one person at a time. So build trusting relationships with everyone you come in contact with and your practice will grow quickly!

That’s why we still make sure we take time to answer every question that a patient may ask. That’s why we sponsor community events, and why our staff participate in scores of different community organizations. The people we serve have been very good to us. We feel a responsibility to give back. And by giving back, we make our practice that much stronger.

To any new dentist out there who’s just starting out: We wish you the best of luck. It’s a great way to make a living and a great way to help a lot of people.

Would You Like To Know More? Or just need a sounding board, use our “Ask The Expert” feature on our website.

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