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Off To College And Ultimately Dental School

Part of our ongoing series on careers in dentistry. Charlotte Dentistry® encourages young people to consider the dental profession, and welcomes any questions you may have.

Open Textbooks with a Background of FormulasSo you’re headed off to college, and you’re considering the idea of becoming a dentist. What do you study?

There is no formal undergraduate major required for students who want to go to dental school. But most dental schools have well-defined requirements for science courses, including chemistry, physics, math, and biology. Many students considering dental school choose a science major for their undergraduate work, which prepares them for a postgraduate dental program.

However, this is not the only path to dental school. A number of colleges offer pre-dental programs, which can accelerate the student’s course of study. In some cases, instead of completing a bachelor’s degree, the pre-dental program allows the student to move through undergraduate studies faster and begin graduate work at a dental school level. Such programs may allow a student to complete a dental school degree in fewer years by including courses such as organic chemistry and microbiology required by dental schools.

A pre-dental program also helps students prepared for the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) required for admission into dental school.

Either approach to undergraduate study can provide the right preparation for dental school. It depends on your personal preferences, schools you prefer to attend, and—in some cases—program cost.

Need to know more? High school guidance counselors can also provide information. In some communities, the Boy Scouts offer an Explorer program that features dentistry as a career. The American Dental Association website has a special section devoted to education, just click here.

Would You Like To Know More? Use the “Ask The Expert” feature of our website to get answers. We are always happy to help!

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