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Preparing for Dental School


Part of our ongoing series on careers in dentistry. Charlotte Dentistry® encourages young people to consider the dental profession and welcomes any questions you may have.

graduation cap tooth diploma dentist on a white backgroundWe believe dentistry to be a fantastic career opportunity (in fact, experts suggest that we may have a shortage of dentists in a few years). For the right person, dental school can be a challenging and rewarding time.

How do you prepare?

If you’ve made the decision to go to dental school, you’re already immersed in the courses you need to qualify. But it doesn’t hurt to also prepare physically and psychologically for the challenge.

Like most professional disciplines, dental school demands great personal responsibility, and it’s designed to weed out students who aren’t willing to put in the work and focus to become a dentist.

Most dental school programs are three to four years in length. If you’re pursing a specialty like orthodontics or surgery, there may be additional years of course work to achieve these advanced degrees.

During dental school, you’ll spend lots of time in lab courses, building skills in biomedical sciences AND in specific practice areas like dental imaging and dentures.

In your later years, you’ll begin working with patients in clinical projects under the supervision of dentists. You’ll perform treatments like cleaning and filling. And you’ll be taught the business aspects of a dental practice.

Once your coursework is complete, you’re ready to take the examinations to earn your license, and begin your career as a DDS or DMD. What to know the difference, click here.

Would You Like To Know More? Are you in fact preparing for dental school? Please feel free to use the “Ask The Expert” feature of our website to get answers. Or check the education section of the American Dental Association website here.

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