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Growing Your Dental Practice: Building A Professional Network

As you grow your dental practice,Business Networking it’s a good strategy to work on building up your professional network of people in the dental industry in your market area. Some of this occurs naturally—you have vendors you use and you’ll develop relationships with them. But it can also be useful to build relationships with other dentists, hygienists, office staff, and other people involved in the industry.

There are several reasons for this. You will likely at some point, have a patient who moves and visiting you is inconvenient. You’d want to provide a professional referral and if you know other dentists in the area, you can comfortably provide assistance. And referrals can often be reciprocated—as other dentists know you, they would be more comfortable recommending you.

You may also find that there are procedures you prefer not to do, or times when a patient has an emergency and you just can’t fit them in. Networking can help you save a patient relationship in this case.

How do you network, especially if you’re new? Here are some starting points:

1. Use social media like LinkedIn to identify professionals, especially people you already know. Their online networks will lead you to others.

2. Attend local professional meetings. These may be offered by associations, or by vendors looking to build their businesses. Set a goal of a minimum number of new people to talk to at an event.

3. Volunteer. Charity work is a good promotion for your business, and you’ll meeting like-minded people who may be very good to know in the future.

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