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Growing Your Practice: Getting The Most From Your Vendors

Working with suppliers to yourboxes practice is something you’ll do almost daily.  How you work with them can make a big difference in the performance of your business.

It’s tempting to spend as little time as possible with “salesmen” and concentrate on billable hours.  But sometimes taking a little extra time with a good vendor can pay big dividends.  Because your vendors are often where new ideas for your practice can come from.

If you let your suppliers know early in your relationship that you’re looking for ways to make them successful as well as your practice, you often get “value-added” service, with samples of new products, information about new procedures, specials on items you regularly buy.  While price is important (especially with new practices), if you focus too much on just the lowest possible price, you discourage suppliers from bringing you new things—because they feel they can’t make money for themselves.

Periodically set aside a little extra time for vendors.  Ask them what’s new.  Ask what’s selling well for them in your market area.  See what they know about industry news.  You may glean some new, profitable ideas.

One point:  while some suppliers may want to gossip about other practices, it’s often wise to discourage this.  Remember, what a vendor may be telling you about someone else is probably similar to what the vendor is telling about you in other offices.

Would You Like to know more?  Use the “Ask The Expert” feature of our website. We are happy to help and answer your questions about growing your practice.

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