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Growing Your Dental Practice: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

One way to make your practiceResearching People better is to periodically review your performance with your staff. This process works better if you can get people to focus, and one way that many companies do this is to use a technique called “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Let’s say that you call your staff in for a discussion about the practice. Select a time period—a month is a good framework—and then ask them to list what they thought to be the “good” (moments when the practice excelled), the “bad” (times when things could be improved), and the “ugly” (situations that you’d like to see never happen again).

The “good-bad-ugly” context makes it simpler for people to think of specific instances or issues, and the fact that you’re covering both good and bad encourages people to be more honest—since you’re the boss, they don’t want to tell you just bad news because they’d be afraid you’d perceive it as complaining.

But you need to know the bad news more than the good, because you can’t fix a problem unless you know.

As you work through this process, mention something about your own performance that was either “bad” or “ugly.” Again, this encourages people to open up, and you’ll discover the key issues you need to know to truly improve your practice.

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