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Careers In Dentistry—Growing Your Practice: Why You Have To Promote Your Practice Continuously

For many dentists, practice promotionads is a chore that they’d prefer not to do.  And because of this, the marketing programs of many practices go in fits and starts—the practice will have an effective presence in the community for a while, and then quieten down as the practice gets busy.

Here’s why you can’t let that happen.

First, your patients only see you—if you’re lucky—a handful of times per year.  They can forget about appointments or even switch dentists if you don’t maintain some communications with them between scheduled visits.  Especially for new practices that are still building brand recognition and getting patients into the “habit” of visiting regularly, this can be critical.

But that’s only one part of the communications challenge:  How do you reach new patients?  This is another reason why your marketing has to be consistent and regular.

The group of people who are in the market for dental services is constantly changing.  It’s similar to other infrequent purchases, like tires or furniture.  When someone has a need, he or she pays attention to advertising and news about the needed product or service.  When someone isn’t in the market, the communications gets ignored for the most part.

So you have to be present in the marketplace when a person realizes the need for dental services—either to fix a problem or to just get a checkup.  That’s why consistency is so important in marketing.  Even if you don’t like doing it.

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