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Are You A People Person? You Could Become A Great Dental Assistant

Assisting – certifications required, skillsSmiling Nurse Carrying Medical Charts necessary for a productive/beneficial dental assistant – how strong people skills are critical.

For many people, a dental assistant position is a start in the field of dentistry, and a base for pursing other positions like Dental Hygienist.

Dental assistants are an invaluable part of any practice. They’re charged with a wide variety of patient and clerical jobs, and their support is a strong component of patient care.

Dental assistants sterilize dental instruments, prepare examination rooms, manage office inventory, schedule appointments and process payments. They also collect patient medial and dental histories, and may perform x-rays, take impressions, apply topical anesthetics, and other tasks.

They also assist the dentist during certain procedures. In a new dental office, the assistant may even be responsible for helping greet patients and processing payments. The Dental Assistant becomes a key ambassador for the entire practice.

There are no strict education requirements for dental assistants, although many complete a one-year certificate program or follow an Associate’s Degree program at a two-year college. Programs are designed to give students practical training for entry-level employment.

Training includes infection control, oral anatomy, radiography, and other skills. Dental assistants typically must also pass a licensing exam and undergo more training once on the job.

So if you enjoy working with people, and like helping people get care that can make their lives much better, becoming a dental assistant may be something for you.

Would you like to know more?

Click HERE for the American Dental Association job description of Dental Assisting, or Use the “Ask The Expert” feature of our website to get your answers.

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