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Dental Hygienists: Teachers Of Good Dental Health

Hygiene – license, skills necessaryDental Hygienist Helping Girl Brush Teeth to be a successful dental hygienist – how to best communicate with patients

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of Dental Hygienists in our profession, because they can influence people over the entire course of their lives.

Chances are, you learned a lot of good dental care from your hygienist.  In addition to cleaning and checking your teeth, your hygienist also spotted weaknesses in your care regime and gently corrected and enhanced your skills. This may include demonstrating the best ways to brush and floss—especially with younger patients.  This, over the course of a lifetime, added years to your teeth.

Dental Hygienists are teachers and communicators as much as technicians.  They instruct patients and inform dentists about key issues, and make a major contribution to patient care.

Dental hygienists concentrate on preventative care.  They work with dentists in a dental office, performing oral examinations, taking x-rays, and cleaning teeth. In some states, for example, hygienists may administer local anesthetics, place fillings or even make diagnoses.

Becoming a dental hygienist usually involves earning an Associate’s Degree in dental hygiene from a community college or technical school.  These degrees typically include both classroom and lab work, along with clinical practicums where students work with patients.

Once coursework is completed, dental hygienists must pass a state licensing exam.

A dental hygiene degree can also be used to pursue advanced degrees, or even as a start for working toward a dental degree.

So if you enjoy working directly with patients, and enjoy teaching people skills that can make a lifetime of difference, a career as a dental hygienist may be for you.

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