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Dental Student Internships: Should You Consider One?

Dental Student Internships , which facilitiesDentist Examining Little Boys Teeth --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis offer internships and are they beneficial

Being accepted to and ultimately completing dental school, are significant life accomplishments, and will put you into consideration for a number of career opportunities once you complete your work.  But you can enhance your standing in the profession by looking for ways to earn experience, even while still in school.

Dental Student Internships are one good way to do this.  Internships vary greatly in the scope of duties, hours, pay (sometimes they are paid, sometimes not), and other factors.  Some practices or facilities welcome the opportunity to take on interns, while others may not be able to devote time teaching someone.  So if you want a good internship, it’s important to identify possibilities early, as well as working hard to demonstrate that you’re the right person for the job.

Your dental school probably has a listing of internships available on an ongoing basis, but you may have to get creative and look for others on your own.  (Note: Also check out the American Dental Education Association This can require tenacity in contacting dental offices to see if they’d be willing to consider an internship position for you.  You may find yourself working as a dental assistant to start, but in a good situation, the dentist may be willing to let your observe procedures and ask questions. And as always in a career, “Something is better than nothing at all”.

Another approach is to look for volunteer work (at clinics, health fairs, and other events) where someone with a basic knowledge of dentistry could assist.  You’ll gain some experience this way, but you may also start building networking relationships with dental professionals who also volunteer — and who may be willing to use you for other internship or work in the future.

Your diploma from dental school says you have skill, but any additional life experiences you can put onto your resume from internship work can go a long way to getting you even better opportunities when you graduate.

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