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Excellent Customer Service Is A Team Effort

Giving your patientsWooden mannequins pushing puzzle pieces into the right place excellent customer service as well as a positive experience from the moment they enter your office, until they leave, requires the right attitude.  But it also requires planning and coordination—like any team sport.  If one member of your staff slips up, it kills the experience for the patient, and everyone else’s work is for naught.

Most failures in customer service are accidental; after all, no one wants for a patient to have a bad experience.  But it’s important for everyone in the office—from dentists to receptionists—to know that every staff member has to contribute.  And that like any good team, that means stepping up to take a little extra responsibility from time to time.

For a dental assistant, this might mean spending a few extra moments with a patient after dentist leaves to work with another patient, to avoid the first patient feeling as if the dentist was being too abrupt.  Answering the patient’s questions, or just explaining that the office is exceptionally busy and that you want to avoid having other patients wait can be the extra bit of teamwork that keeps things positive.

Or for office staff, stepping in if you see that another employee too much going on and lending a hand keeps patients happy—and also keeps the team in a good mood.  Even a quick heads up to a staffer that a patient might be getting restless can avoid a conflict that’s unnecessary.

Role-playing practice with potential problem scenarios among staff members is a good idea to help everyone learn how to counteract issues before having to deal with them when it involves real patients.  And if there ever is a patient problem, make sure you record it and review what caused it so that it can be avoided in the future.

If everyone in the office is aware of his or her role (and responsibility) in customer service, then everyone knows there’s never a situation where it’s acceptable to say, “it’s not my job.” These 10 commandments of great customer service may be helpful to your staff. “10 Commandments of Customer Service

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