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Expanding Your Practice To Include Invisalign®

7why-invisalignInvisalign® is a product that continues to grow in popularity as an alternative to metal braces.  Celebrities of all ages are using Invisalign trays to correct their smiles, and the negative stories about metal braces over the years make many patients hesitant about them.  So Invisalign offers a unique alternative.

Would Invisalign be right for your practice?

The answer is certainly “yes,” with the right preparation and understanding of the product.  Invisalign can be a very strong profit center, but taking on the product requires an investment in resources and time to make sure you do it right.

The first thing to remember with Invisalign is that you’re not alone—more and more practices are adding Invisalign, which creates a very competitive marketplace.  Another consideration is experience in traditional orthodontics (metal braces). Offering both procedures is extremely beneficial to a practice. Many patients assume that traditional orthodontics (braces) is their only option. Selecting a dental provider who has both braces and Invisalign experience could be the best decision.

There are also equipment investment considerations.  Scanners for digital impressions can provide exceptional accuracy for Invisalign, and give your patients better experiences. This equipment can also save time and resources when incorporated in other areas of your practice.

Since 2007, Charlotte Dentistry has held a unique distinction among practices offering Invisalign and Invisalign Teen®— designated an Invisalign Elite Preferred Provider.  In 2012, Charlotte Dentistry® is ranked among the Top 1% of All providers in North America—the only office in the Carolinas to earn this ranking.

If you’re considering adding Invisalign, research your market thoroughly.  And consider contacting Charlotte Dentistry for extra information before making your decision.

Would you like to know more, simply use the “Ask The Expert” feature on our website.

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