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In-House Or Outside? Your Practice’s Approach To Dental Labs

When you start your practice, unless you have much-better-than-average funding, you’ll most likely outsource dental lab work.  And there are plenty of well-qualified dental labs around the country whose job it is to make things easy for dentists. DentalLabBenefits

But, as your practice grows, you may want to think about establishing your own in-house dental lab.  There are a number of reasons for this.

The first (and perhaps most important) is patient service.  An in-house lab focuses just on your practice’s patients, not those of dozens or hundreds of dentists.  As such, your lab will be more responsive in terms of turnaround time and in terms of being able to make adjustments to crowns and other prosthetics that ensure better fit and better patient satisfaction.  You’ll be able to better manage all aspects of patient care, and that always gives your practice a competitive edge.

Another key reason for considering an in-house lab is that it becomes a significant profit center for your practice.  Consider the margins you currently make on prosthetics, which can be an important part of your profitability.  Then consider how much additional margin you could make if you were operating your own lab.  It can change your financials considerably.  It also gives you the ability to be more flexible in your pricing should you find yourself in a more competitive marketplace.

However, to operate your own lab, you’ll need to invest in equipment, space, staffing and training and this can be substantial.  Once your make your lab investment, it make take quite a bit of time before you start to see return.

But—if your practice is generating the volume of prosthetic business that would warrant investing in an in-house lab, it can be a very smart choice.  Charlotte Dentistry operates its own in-house lab, and it is an important part of our business.

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