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Charlotte Dentistry: Continuing To Go Green

As a part of our ongoing process, Charlotte Dentistry® continues to look for ways to make our business greener and more sustainable. We look for ways to better care for our world, we’re not just caring for our patients’ teeth – we’re caring and preparing for the generations to come.

Recycle trash. KeyboardIn looking for ways to better care for our patients’ and our staff, we find new “greener” technology to help us along the way.

Here’s an example:  We put procedures in place to protect our patients from germs and bacteria by using steam heat to clean dental instruments.  This process has been around for years but businesses were not readily using the process due to the expense.  We purchased a huge autoclave to ensure that instruments were thoroughly clean for the next patient.

The instruments for most prevalent dental procedures are placed in individual cassettes and cleaned in the giant autoclave. The cassettes also contain gauze and other materials that might be needed for the procedure so everything is sterilized together.  Each cassette is wrapped in paper and sterilized for the next use. The steam cleaning is much more economical and efficient for cleaning the instruments as well as much better for the environment. This process also does not expose our staff or patients’ to harmful chemicals.

When your dental hygienist or dental assistant provides the wrapped cassette of instruments for your next dental procedure, you can be assured that it has been prepared especially for you!

Charlotte Dentistry is always looking for ways to make our business, greener, more sustainable and more efficient for our patients’ and our staff.  We invite you to follow our “green” journey in the next few blogs.  If you have questions or suggestions, visit us at “Ask the Expert”.

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