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Presenting the Cost of Treatment

Presenting the cost of treatment and collections can be tricky issues with doctors and their staff. On one hand, you want the patient to appreciate you and the care you provide but on the other, you must be aware you’re your dental office is still a business […]

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How Often Should You Evaluate Your Fee Schedule?

The fees that a dentist charges for services are always under pressure from a variety of sources.  The costs of running a dental practice are always going up, whether it be from rising prices for equipment and staff or pressure from insurance companies to keep costs down. […]

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Prioritizing Equipment Purchases

If your dental practice is thriving, you will likely be looking at purchasing new equipment on a regular basis. And you’ll have to make decisions as to which equipment purchases have priority over others. Do this right, and you can enhance the profitability of your business, and […]

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Dental Student Internships: Should You Consider One?

Dental Student Internships , which facilities offer internships and are they beneficial Being accepted to and ultimately completing dental school, are significant life accomplishments, and will put you into consideration for a number of career opportunities once you complete your work.  But you can enhance your standing […]

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Dental Hygienists: Teachers Of Good Dental Health

Hygiene – license, skills necessary to be a successful dental hygienist – how to best communicate with patients It’s hard to overestimate the importance of Dental Hygienists in our profession, because they can influence people over the entire course of their lives. Chances are, you learned a […]

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Patient Payments – Now Or Later?

Many patients have dental insurance, and among your first business decisions will be determining which insurance plans to accept.  You also have to make a decision regarding patients who don’t have dental plans—are you willing to allow patient payments for some more expensive services. This is a […]

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Case Presentation for Occlusal Guards

Our ongoing series on Charlotte Dentistry® career blog Current research shows that some 10 million plus individuals suffer from TMJ syndrome, a condition which prevents the temporomandibular joint from functioning properly. 50-90% of the population are bruxers and half of those people eventually become chronic enough that […]

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Are You A People Person? You Could Become A Great Dental Assistant

Assisting – certifications required, skills necessary for a productive/beneficial dental assistant – how strong people skills are critical. For many people, a dental assistant position is a start in the field of dentistry, and a base for pursing other positions like Dental Hygienist. Dental assistants are an […]

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The Key to Generating Referrals

When you want something, the simplest way to get it is to ask for it, right? Easier said than done? We don’t think so! Encourage your front office staff members to ask the new patients how they heard about your practice on the very first phone call. […]

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Careers In Dentistry—Growing Your Practice: Why You Have To Promote Your Practice Continuously

For many dentists, practice promotion is a chore that they’d prefer not to do.  And because of this, the marketing programs of many practices go in fits and starts—the practice will have an effective presence in the community for a while, and then quieten down as the […]

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