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You’re Never Too Old for Invisalign

Invisible bracesOne challenge for adults who want a better smile has been to overcome the mental hurdle of braces.  After all, aren’t braces for teenagers?

What would people think at work if I suddenly showed up with a face full of wire?  Would they still take me seriously?

That’s why Invisalign has been a real game changer.  The clear trays that you wear to straighten your teeth are virtually invisible, and most patients report that they have little or no trouble navigating meetings, presentations, and working with customers while wearing Invisalign.

In fact, since Invisalign typically corrects tooth alignment faster than traditional braces, many adult patients report that they find interactions with co-workers and customers become easier, because they have more confidence in their appearance.

You may also find that you get a boost of support from friends and colleagues if you tell them you’re using Invisalign, because most people enjoy seeing others work to improve themselves.

It’s never too late for a great smile.  And it’s easy to get the facts about Invisalign for adult patients.  Click here  for more details.

And don’t miss regular blog entries from Taquana “Tabby” Sears, an adult Charlotte Dentistry patient who not only took the Invisalign plunge, but is chronicling her progress with us.

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