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Crowning Achievement: Saving A Tooth—And A Smile

Dental crown and toothDental crowns can serve many purposes.  They can protect a weak or cracked tooth.  They can help support bridgework, and they can be used with dental implants.

And they can look exactly like your original tooth.

Charlotte Dentistry specializes in metal free porcelain crowns, custom created in our on-site dental laboratory.  Porcelain crowns have the advantage of a slightly translucent finish, just like natural tooth enamel, so they produce a luster that is virtually the same as the original tooth.

Better yet, our lab can color match the crown precisely to your other teeth for a completely natural-looking smile.  And since our lab is on site, our technicians can make minor adjustments if necessary to ensure the best possible fit.  That not only can improve comfort, it can also enhance the life of the crown.

Crowns can be created for both front and back teeth.  And science has made porcelain crowns better than ever.  It used to be that porcelain was bonded to a metal framework for extra strength.  These crowns work very well, but as a patient’s gumline recedes with age, the metal at the base of the crown could begin to show as an unattractive grey line.

Improvements in porcelain mean that in most cases, a metal framework is no longer required.  Charlotte Dentistry’s uses the finest quality metal-free materials to produce results that fit your smile beautifully and naturally.

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