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Why Invisalign Can Be a Smarter Option for Teens

Multiethnic Group of Teenagers OutdoorWe have many teen patients, and one of the questions we get frequent from their parents concerns which is a more practical choice for their kids—Invisalign or traditional metal braces.

While every patient has to be assessed individually, there are a number of reasons why Invisalign can be a better choice for teens.

Some deal with everyday life.  With Invisalign, teens can eat their favorite foods and not have to worry about what might get stuck in the wires.  And because the Invisalign trays are removable, brushing and flossing can be more effective, resulting in better periodontal health.

Other reasons why Invisalign may be a better choice for teens deal with perception.  We’ve all heard the uncomfortable stories of young men and women going to school for the first time with new wire braces, and the challenges of adjusting to them.  With Invisalign, many people may not even realize a teenager is wearing braces.

That can make a big difference in how a teen feels about himself or herself.  And a boost in self-confidence during those difficult years can be a big advantage.

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