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Riding the Invisalign Wave – Month Four

TaquanaSearsClosUpTaquana “Tabby” Sears, a Charlotte Dentistry patient, has agreed to share her Invisalign experience with us on a regular basis.  For the last several months, she’s given us reports on how she’s doing with Invisalign, including ups and downs.  Below is her latest blog entry.

This week I picked up trays 10-12. I noticed that package #12 only had bottom trays in it. Could that mean that the top is done????  Wishful thinking.  Looks like some revisions will be done during my next visit.  I will definitely keep everyone posted on that experience.

Since I’m 4 months into this journey, I figured it was finally time to do a tray comparison.  I’m not sure why it took me this long.  I guess it was fear of not seeing any major changes.  I compared tray #1 to tray #10.  And OH BOY what a difference!  I noticed subtle changes along the way, but had no idea how much of a change was taking place!  Also, I thought it was only changes I could see, but now, others notice.  Someone at work asked if I did something to my teeth.  She said they look straighter.  I never disclosed to her that I was going through this process.  What a confidence booster!


TaquanaSpearTeethBeforeIt no longer feels strange wearing the trays.  Actually it feels weird when I don’t have them on.  For that reason, I try to limit my time without them as much as possible.  I said it before, Invisalign doesn’t work unless they are in your mouth.  So, I wear them at least 20 hours a day.

It really feels good to see results based on the work you put into it. If you are diligent about wearing your trays, change them every 2 weeks and take good care of your teeth, you too can see some great results quickly!

Please continue to follow my 18-month Invisalign Ride! I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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