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Should You Reward Your Kids for Good Dental Hygiene?

Mother And Daughter Putting Star On Reward ChartThere has been quite a bit of debate on this subject, since brushing and flossing should become a routine for every child.  But we think that there can be tremendous value in a using simple reward system—especially if it helps develop the habits that can lead to a lifetime of good dental health.

Most children consider brushing a chore.  (Think back—you were probably the same way when you were that age.)  But you can add some fun to brushing (and other daily tasks like washing hands, getting dressed, etc.) with a simple chart and stickers.  Your child gets a sticker for accomplishing these everyday tasks, until they start to become part of the daily routine.

You’re reinforcing positive actions, and you’re helping create the habits and practices that can prevent a lot of problems, both in childhood and adult years.

If you’d prefer to avoid a reward system (or even if you start one), here’s something else that can make a big impact: A very strong motivator for little ones is to learn by your example.  Most children want to imitate their parents, and if you make it a practice for you to brush with your kids, they’ll see its importance to you, and they’ll follow suit. 

If you would like to use the reward system, click on the link below for a printable version.

Children’s Brushing Chart (PDF)



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