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Braces Breaks: When You Can and When You Shouldn’t

Invisible bracesOne advantage of Invisalign over conventional wire braces is that they can be removed.  That makes cleaning, eating, and other activities much easier and more enjoyable.

And because they can be removed, it’s tempting to take them out periodically to give yourself a “break” from the tension of realigning your teeth.

But Invisalign only works when the trays are in your mouth, so it’s best to keep them there as long as possible—at least 20 hours a day.

The Invisalign system is better than traditional braces because it provides much more consistent tension to help realign your teeth.  That means there’s often less discomfort with Invisalign than with wire braces, which have to be tightened periodically.

And while wearing any teeth alignment device can create a feeling of pressure, Invisalign can be much more comfortable over the long run.

So follow your dentist’s advice when it comes to keeping your trays in.  Every minute you’re wearing the trays moves you that much closer to your goal of a better smile!

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