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Perfect Fit Dentures Bring Comfort, Success

SONY DSCDenture technology continues to improve, and Charlotte Dentistry offers the advantage of our own dental lab to provide perfect custom-fit dentures to patients.

With dentures “fit” is especially critical, both for comfort and to provide a natural look.  Ill-fitting dentures not only affect smile and disposition, but they can also have an impact on facial structure.  An ill-fitting denture can make lips look sunken which can cause an individual to look older.

This doesn’t have to be the case.  With custom-crafted dentures, it can be possible to contour the new teeth to fit facial characteristics precisely.  This may be especially important for younger patients who may lose teeth through an accident or other unusual situations.

That’s one tremendous advantage of Charlotte Dentistry’s in-house lab.  Because we craft dentures on site, without having to send them out, we can make even the smallest adjustments to help ensure a perfect fit.  And these small adjustments are ones that can make a big difference in the patient’s life.

There are other long term benefits to such precise fit.  The patient will have more confidence, and a significantly improved smile.  He or she will find that, because of the good fit, dentures are easier to adjust to.  And there may not be the need to replace a plate later due to changes in the gumline.

Our dentists can tell you more, and they are happy to answer your questions.  If you think you may need dentures—either full or partial plates–take a few moments to schedule an appointment.  It can make a big change in your life.

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