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Interesting (And Fun) Dental Facts, Part Two

Toothbrushes (clipping path)

  • Sports, accidents and fights are the primary cause of tooth loss in folk below the age of 35. Play it conservatively and wear a mouth guard.
  • Every day the typical person spends 8.5 hours sleeping, one hour eating, 7.2 minutes volunteering and only fifty seconds brushing his or her teeth. Set your alarm two minutes earlier and slide in some additional brush time.  Dentists advocate two to three minutes.
  • American citizens spend $100 billion each year on hair care treatments and only $2 billion a year on oral care products. What good is great hair without a great grin?
  • Next time you need to play hooky, head to the dentist for a cleaning as an alternative. Last year alone, adults missed over 164 million hours of work and youngsters missed over 51 million hours of college for dental related issues. Use your time wisely!
  • If flossing correctly, the average individual should use 122 yards of floss every year. Twenty-eight per cent of folks claim to floss daily, but yearly sales information indicate only eighteen yards of floss are sold per person.
  • “Spearmint Sparkle” “Peppermint Breeze.” “Eggshell Shine?” Next time your dental hygienist asks you pick a flavor, remember what the Romans used to scrub their teeth – a mixture of bones, eggshells and oyster shells mixed with honey. We think the paste will win out every time!
  • Let’s all scrub together now: The average toothbrush has around 2500 bristles grouped into about forty tufts.
  • In contrast to common belief, George Washington’s famous dentures were not made of wood. His four pairs of custom chompers were made from gold, ivory, lead and a mix of human, mule and hippopotamus teeth.  Look after yours and it’ll be unnecessary to resort to this!  (Reference:
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