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Back To School Time: Put Your Best Smile Forward

Back to school time is a challenge even for the most organized family.  There are lots of new tasks and responsibilities, and getting into the groove of the school year can take some time.

But make sure one thing doesn’t get lost in the shuffle—the time to take care of your teeth.

Elementary School Kids Group IsolatedAnd we’re talking to both children AND parents.  With a lot more to do, it’s easy to take shortcuts with routines that you’re used to—especially brushing your teeth.

The American Dental Association recommends spending at least three minutes a day brushing your teeth.  That’s not much time, but many people spend less than one minute a day on brushing.

The time savings is negligible, but the impact on your smile can be tremendous.  And costly.

To avoid shortchanging your toothbrush (and your teeth), we recommend a couple of things:

  1. Make it a family affair.  Set a time where the whole family brushes before bed or after breakfast.  This is good for a couple of reasons.  It reinforces to the kids that this is something everyone must do, and it lets you monitor just how long everyone is actually brushing.
  2. Get everyone a new toothbrush.  Kids have new clothes and new school supplies that help them focus on their new routines, so why not a new brush to get them to pay a little more attention to their teeth at the same time?

A little extra effort at the beginning of the school year could help strengthen dental hygiene habits that can benefit your family for a lifetime.

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