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How Gum Contouring Can Quickly Makeover Your Smile

Many people have “gummy” smiles–their teeth look short in comparison to others. But it’s not their teeth that are the problem.  Their gums are simply larger than normal.  And this is something that can be remedied with relative ease.

A gummy smile may be caused by heredity, or sometimes by medications that a patient has taken. The gums extend farther, and can affect the patient’s confidence.

Closeup of a teenager smilingA gum contouring procedure to fix this is simple and typically painless.  Cosmetic dentists use lasers and other tools to remove excess tissue and reshape the gumline.  The area is numbed beforehand, and when the laser technology is used, it seals the wound.  Since gums heal rapidly, most patients experience nothing more than minor discomfort after the procedure.

The best part is that the procedure is relatively inexpensive.

In some cases, the cosmetic dentist may need to remove a small amount of tooth or bone to get the best possible outcome.  This may require slightly longer recovery time and involve a little more discomfort, but this is not a usual occurrence.  Most patients get the smile they want from routine gum contouring procedures, and they can see an almost instant change in their smile.

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