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Smart Decisions: How Our Experience Helps You

ErinQueenPhotosStackedMeet Erin Queen.  Erin was the lucky winner of our 2009 Faith, Family, Freedom Invisalign giveaway contest, in which she won totally free treatment from Charlotte Dentistry – a Smile Makeover with Invisalign Technology.

However, there were unexpected challenges found during Erin’s initial Invisalign exam.  She had some impacted teeth that would need traditional braces to pull them down and allow room for proper placement.  Dr. Armstrong discussed the pros and cons of traditional braces, and he and Erin agreed on the traditonal treatment for her SMILE Makeover.

At Charlotte Dentistry, it IS all about what’s best for each individual patient.

The results have been dramatic.  You must agree that Erin’s smile is gorgeous!  Erin has just completed her two-year treatment, and her teeth are straight and bright white! Erin has been given a complete Smile Makeover compliments of Charlotte Dentistry and Dr. Thomas Armstrong, DMD.

At Charlotte Dentistry our patients enjoy the significant advantage of having dentists and staff with years of experience treating even the most difficult cases whether the case is orthodontic, cosmetic or restorative.  The patient’s best interest is the focus.

Dr. Armstrong, for example, has more than 28 years of success in cosmetic dentistry and treating conditions like TMJ as well as 30 years orthodontic experience combined with 5 years Invisalign expertise.   In cases like Erin’s, when several treatment options may be available, this experience can be the key to helping our patients choose the treatment that is going to be the absolute best for them.

Wondering what may be the best approach for giving your smile the best possible makeover?  Call Charlotte Dentistry to schedule an appointment, and see for yourself how the experience and skill of our staff can make a big difference for you.  As always, the consultation is completely FREE.  Schedule your visit today!

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