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More Advantages Of Our In-House Dental Lab

Dental crown and toothWe’ve told you before some of the reasons why our in-house dental laboratory is a great advantage for the patients of Charlotte Dentistry.  Instead of having to send out work on crowns, veneers, and dentures to offsite labs, which could be hundreds of miles away, our technicians are able to craft everything on site, and make small custom adjustments–even at the last minute–to make sure that you have the best possible smile.

But there are other pluses to having our own lab and staff.  We are constantly kept up to date on new technologies in dental prosthetics, so when new porcelain grades or compounds are introduced, we can evaluate them and make them available to our patients as quickly as possible.  Also, we get access directly to manufacturers of dental materials, which can reduce costs and provide us with extra technical support in case a patient should need it.

And because we have people on staff who work directly with crowns and other dental components, our dentists have the freedom to call for even the slightest modifications and adjustments, knowing that they’re not delaying our patients in getting their care.

It’s all part of making sure we give our patients the best smiles.  To learn more about how our in-house lab and years of experience in cosmetic dentistry can help you, visit our website or call for an appointment.

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