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Have You Tried Our “Ask The Expert” Feature?

asktheexpertHave a question about your teeth (or the teeth of a family member) and don’t know where to get an accurate answer?

Ask us.

Just visit our website and click on “Ask The Expert.”  This allows you pose a detailed question (with complete privacy) to our professional staff.  You can inquire about anything you like–from flossing techniques to oral surgery to questions about “baby” teeth and get a response you can feel comfortable about.

Charlotte Dentistry is happy to answer any of your questions, and we welcome them all.  One advantage of the internet is that you can contact us on your time schedule and give us any or all detail you might want.

We’ll respond to your question promptly (usually within a couple of days) and, if we think it helpful, give you some ideas to consider.

The only bad questions are the ones that don’t get asked, so if you’re concerned about your dental health or if you’re just curious, click here.  Want to know more about Invisalign?  Need details on what to do after a root canal?  Interested in a whiter smile?  Need a second opinion on implants? Just let us know.

We’ll do our best to provide you with the answer you need.

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