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Looking Beyond Halloween At Good Holiday Tooth Care

Pumpkin bread pudding topped with whipped creamHalloween is just the start of a long stretch of treat temptations–and dangers for your teeth.  In fact, the entire holiday season offers lots of sugary, starchy goodies–cookies, pies, stuffing, potatoes–that can wreak havoc on dental care.

Now, we enjoy the holidays as much as anyone, so we’re not even attempting to suggest that you shouldn’t indulge some in celebration.  But it’s important to take a smart approach to handling the bounty of the season.

Just like you pay more attention to your workout routines to keep extra holiday pounds off, you should take extra precautions to make sure your teeth stay in good shape too.

That means simple things–making sure you brush and floss, and that you plan for times when you’re out or away from home.  Travel and disposable toothbrushes can help when you’re at a party to help get rid of plaque from treats, and substituting fruit (apples are now in season!) for other snacks helps.

For kids, supervision of their dental hygiene habits is important–it’s very easy for them to get over excited or busy with events and houseguest and other distractions, and not pay attention to brushing and flossing as they should.

And–since you want to look your best during the holiday festivities–scheduling a cleaning is also a good idea.  Just give us a call and we’ll help you get your smile looking its brightest.

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