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Tobacco and Dental Health

woman with yellow dirty teethTobacco use can wreak havoc on your teeth.  Whether you use tobacco or not, we’re pretty sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this.

Smoking stains your teeth.  It is a leading cause of mouth and throat cancers.  It can cause increased buildup of plaque, and it can accelerate bone loss.  It lowers the success of dental procedures, and it increases the risk of gum disease.  Smokeless tobaccos can cause the same problems, plus many brands are up to 20% sugar–the perfect fuel for plaque and decay.

If you don’t use tobacco. PLEASE don’t start!

If you do smoke or use smokeless tobacco, please try everything you can to quit.

But if you are a tobacco user, paying attention to your dental health is more important.  And if you can’t quit or don’t want to, here are some ideas for helping take care of your teeth.

  • Get your six-months checkups at your dentist.  You’re at greater risk for a lot of problems, and they are much easier to treat if caught early.  In fact, early detection of oral cancer could save your life.
  • Brush, floss, and use a mouthwash frequently.  This is even more important for smokers.  And a fresh mouth actually can discourage you from using more tobacco.
  • Learn to perform a self check for oral cancer.  Watch for sores or patches that don’t heal within two weeks.  Look out for bleeding, or lumps and bumps.  Make note if you have any loss of feeling or numbness in your mouth.  Consult a doctor or dentist if you notice any of these things.

Charlotte Dentistry® strongly discourages tobacco use, but we respect your right to make your own choices.  And we’re ready to provide every patient with the best possible care.

Need help to stop smoking? Click here for answers to your questions and concerns.

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