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Cavities From Coffee?

A lot of adults are discovering that they’re at risk for cavities and other tooth damage from a surprisingly unlikely source.


Woman With Coffee CupWe’ve changed both work and coffee habits in recent years, and more people spend more of their time sipping larger coffee drinks with sugar or milk.  It takes longer to consume a venti latte than it did a standard cup ‘o joe.  And the extra exposure to sugar and lactose means that there is more opportunity for plaque to form on teeth and create the acids that break down enamel.

So if you’re someone who lives with your Starbucks, you might want to consider a few extra precautions to make sure your teeth stay healthy.   If you can, brush more often (there are even disposable brushes you can take with you to use during the day).  Or if you can’t brush, switch from coffee to water periodically to help rinse your mouth and keep plaque to a minimum.

It’s also wise to watch the snacks you have with your java.  Those extra cookies or slices of cake not only add more dental risk, they can add calories you don’t want or need.

You don’t have to give up your daily coffee (like we were going to talk you out of that), but if it’s part of your routine, be sure to stick with your routine of regular dental checkups, too.  Always schedule your next cleaning before leaving your appointment, it helps you keep the routine!

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