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A Shout Out To Dental Hygienists

Portrait of a cheerful dentist with arms crossedDental hygienists do more than just clean teeth and remind you how important it is for you to brush or floss.  They’re key players in keeping your mouth healthy and helping your dentist do a great job.

Dental hygienists perform under-the-radar duties like checking for oral cancer, and performing periodontal  assessments that help spot problems before they become serious.  They then communicate what they’ve found to your dentist, who can make more informed decisions on treatments or practices that are best for you.

They are “unsung heroes” in helping you have your best smile possible.

At Charlotte Dentistry®, we’re blessed with some of the best dental hygienists in the business, who not only do great work for our patients, but make our offices pleasant, professional, and entertaining.  We’re positive that one of the reasons our patients keep coming back is because of the excellent care and personal attention they receive from our hygienist staff.

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