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Taquana’s Smooth 5 Week Invisalign Ride


TaquanaSearsClosUpWell, I’m halfway through my 18-month Invisalign® ride! I just completed tray 21 out of 21. During my last visit, I had to get new impressions of my teeth for my revision trays. These revision trays are the “clean-up” trays. They correct the minor issues left behind after the first set of trays are done. The good thing about this halfway mark is my attachments were removed. My teeth are so smooth now. I get to enjoy these smooth teeth for 5 weeks until my new trays come in. Then, the attachments return.

By the way, attachments are sometimes referred to as “buttons”. They are tooth colored and feel a little rigid. You can’t feel them when the aligners are in place. However, you can definitely feel them when you remove your aligners to eat and brush your teeth. These “buttons” help guide the teeth in the right direction during movement. They also help the aligners snap snuggly in place.

While I wait for my new trays, I’m forced to wear my current trays for 5 weeks. This means, keeping my trays clean is more important than ever. I won’t have the opportunity to change them in 2 weeks as normal. I find the best way to clean the trays is to brush in a circular motion. Because of the design of the trays, it’s easy to think brushing back and forth would do the trick. The circular motion reaches areas where brushing back and forth can’t. I find electric or battery operated toothbrushes work the best since their bristles move in a circular motion on their own. This also prevents your arms getting tired from manually brushing in a circular motion for the suggested two full minutes.

I’m looking forward to this next phase of my Invisalign® journey. Hopefully it will go as smooth as the first half.

Please continue to follow my 18-month Invisalign® ride! I’m glad to answer any questions you may have, so give me a shout!

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