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Smile-Fulfilling Fillings

There was a classic ad campaign in the early days of hair coloring that asked the question, “Does she–or doesn’t she,” to convey the idea that coloring technology had finally gotten to the point where it couldn’t be detected.

Portrait of beautiful girl with perfect smile. Isolated on whiteIn cosmetic dentistry, we work toward the same goal–to make your smile look so natural that people would never notice that you’ve had a dental procedure.

This is certainly true of crowns, dentures, veneers and braces (like Invisalign®).  But at Charlotte Dentistry®, it’s also true for more common procedures–including common fillings.

New technologies make it easier than ever to match filling coloration with the natural color of your teeth, making a filling virtually undetectable.  This not only gives you a great smile, but it also has the benefit of encouraging people to have better overall dental care–i.e., there’s no cosmetic penalty for getting a small problem fixed before it becomes a big one.

And in cases where it’s not possible to create the right cosmetic look with a filling, we can suggest other approaches to make sure your smile is its brightest.

Our dentists are happy to explain the new technologies available to you for a great smile.  Feel free to use our Ask The Expert website feature, or click here to schedule an appointment.

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