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Dealing With A Cracked Tooth

Cracks in teeth are a common occurrence.  They can be cause by a variety of things:  accidents, teeth grinding or bruxism, or biting down unexpectedly on something really hard.  A cracked tooth may become very sensitive, or you may barely notice it at all.

But in any case, the worst thing you can do with a cracked tooth is ignore it.

Here’s why.

sketch of the tooth with defectA crack creates a weak spot in the tooth that is susceptible to decay, as debris from food becomes embedded in it.  A crack also puts the tooth at serious risk for severe damage—additional trauma or pressure could cause the tooth to break completely, possibly creating a situation where the tooth has to be removed.

And more damage to a cracked tooth can happen at any time—without warning.

Fixing a cracked tooth may be a simple process by Filling, or it may require a Crown to restore the integrity of the tooth.

The most important thing about a cracked tooth, however, is to call your dentist immediately if you suspect a crack.  The tooth will NOT improve on its own.  It will ONLY get worse, and the quicker you get to the dentist, the better chance you have of getting the tooth repaired with as little pain or expense as possible.

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