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Toddlers And Teeth: Lifelong Dental Health Starts Early

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and Charlotte Dentistry® is supporting through additional educational efforts to Our patients and the community.

toddlerToddlers need regular checkups, just like older siblings, Moms and Dads. It all begins with properly caring for their gums and teeth. Baby teeth allow your little one to learn to chew and speak properly.  And perhaps even more important, baby teeth allow the permanent teeth to come in correctly.

To help your toddler get a good start on dental health, here are some simple tips:

  • Begin by cleaning your baby’s gums after each feeding with a clean, soft washcloth.
  • For teething pain, let your child chew on cold wet washcloth or small cool spoon. Rubbing the gums with your clean finger can also be comforting.  As teeth appear, brush with them with water and clean soft washcloth.
  • If a child needs a bottle to go to sleep, fill it with water instead of milk, formula or juice.
  • Medications for young children contain sugar which, if left on the teeth, damage the enamel. Brush or clean teeth with a cloth (if very young) after giving the medication.
  • As children grow and more teeth appear, begin to show them how to brush. Provide a bright colored soft-bristled brush with an eraser head size of toothpaste. Teach them not swallow the toothpaste by spitting it out.  (For more ideas, see our “Coaxing Stubborn Children To Brush” post.)
  • Find the right dentist for your child when the time comes for their first dental visit.  A good “first” experience helps develop good dental habits.  At Charlotte Dentistry®, we recommend children get their first dental checkup around the age of three.

Charlotte Dentistry® has provided dental care to families for over 35 years.  Use the “Ask the Expert” feature on our website for prompt answers to your dental questions.

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