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Teens and Teeth: New Challenges and Opportunities

The teenage years can be very trying for lots of reasons.  And for many teenagers, the roller coaster ride of emotions, new experiences, and school mean that good dental health practices get neglected.

Multiethnic Group of Teenagers OutdoorIn this high-tech fast paced world teens are busier than ever! And sometimes brushing can be overlooked. We all love junk foods but some teens can be notorious consumers of it—which creates a “perfect storm” type of environment inside their mouths for tooth problems.  If a GOOD brushing and flossing routine is not maintained,  it’s not surprising that teenagers have high instances of cavities.

But as a parent, you find yourself more limited in how much you can bug your teen about brushing—natural rebellion may make them LESS likely to brush should you bring it up.  However, there are still some things you can do to help your young adult keep a good smile.

  1. Set a good example yourself.  If you’re going the extra mile, your teen can’t push back too hard when you offer reminders.
  2. Make it extra convenient.  Keep extra brushes around (teenagers lose a LOT of stuff, including toothbrushes).  If your family is really on the go, it might be wise to keep duplicate brushes in all the bathrooms maybe even in the kitchen. That was they are always on hand.
  3. Control the junk food.  You can’t stop it all, but you can make sure snacks at home are nutritious and tooth-healthy. Need some ideas for some tasty snacks? Check out these GREAT suggestions by clicking  HERE.
  4. Point out that your teen isn’t just brushing for himself/herself.  Brushing is really for that girl or boy they’d like to meet.  You might be surprised at how quickly your young man or woman reaches for a brush and floss.

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