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Why Space Maintainers Can Be A Critical Tool For Child Dental Health

Your child’s mouth is a dynamic place.

From infancy, new teeth start appearing.  And as your child grows older, baby teeth are routinely in the process of being replaced by permanent ones.  It’s an interesting—and intricate—dental ballet.

Girl with missing front toothBut what happens if the natural pattern gets disrupted by losing a baby tooth early to decay or accident?  Because teeth are in motion, a missing baby tooth may cause a permanent tooth to come in crooked, crowding other teeth and creating problems.

That’s where space maintainers come in.  If your child loses a tooth early, the dentist may elect to install a space maintainer—a band or temporary crown attached to one side of the empty space.  This device helps keep the empty space open until the permanent tooth begins to erupt, ensuring that it has room to develop.

Installing a space maintainer is a simple procedure, as is removing it.  If your child has lost a tooth early, it’s wise to consult with your dentist to see if a maintainer may be necessary to avoid problems.

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