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Overcoming A Child’s Dental Anxiety

Dental offices can be scary places for children, especially young ones.  And the anxiety that a child feels at a first dental visit can affect the person even as an adult, if not handled properly.

Charlotte Dentistry® takes great care to make sure our youngest patients are put at ease.  Our staff is carefully trained to help children understand the care they’re being given, and why it’s important.

Pediatric dentist assistant and little boy all smilingUnderstanding is number 1 — we’re all uncertain about things that are unfamiliar.  So our staff practices techniques such as “tell-show-do,” where the child is told about the next step in treatment, then shown the instruments involved before proceeding.  The dentist might explain the instrument, then use it to count the child’s teeth (with the child helping), and then move on with the procedure.

Patience is key, and Our Dentists and staff are more than willing to listen to questions and concerns from youngsters, so they have a positive experience and are less hesitant about coming back in the future.

We’ve also made our offices kid-friendly, with decorations, games, and activities that make the experience more pleasant.  Our website even features cartoons for kids that encourage good dental health. Just Click HERE

We utilize a variety of techniques to make children’s dental care as comfortable as possible, and we are very experienced in using sedation for children if necessary.

To learn more, use our Ask the Expert feature. Visit our Website, or call 704.376.6470 to set an appointment.

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