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CSI: Dentist’s Office

Human skull on old wood background ; still-lifeWe’ve all watched with fascination as TV forensics experts on “CSI,” “Bones,” and other TV shows solve crimes and catch crooks through scientific analysis.  And forensic dentistry is a critical part of modern police science, especially in the case of major disasters and events like the World Trade Center.  Dental records are used to identify crime victims when other methods are impossible to use.

But the tales teeth can tell go way beyond this.  Dental experts have been called in on archeological projects to analyze teeth from excavations to determine ancient diets, health care practices, and other scientific facts.  The information provided in the chemical makeup and condition of teeth can provide very detailed information about individuals and societies, even long after they’re gone.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a fossil for your teeth to help you with information.  One key reason for regular dental checkups is that your dentist can spot health issues not just for your mouth, but for other parts of your body.  This “CSI” type information can be used to eliminate or manage disease before it becomes a big problem.   Your teeth can tell your dentist about stress levels, infections, and a variety of other issues.

So when you open your mouth for your next checkup, remember you’re not just getting your teeth examined—you’re getting much more.

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