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Burning Mouth Syndrome: What Can Be Done

burningmouthIf you’ve ever experienced an ongoing burning sensation around the inside of your mouth, tongue, gums, or palate? You might have Burning Mouth Syndrome, or BMS.

BMS is a complex problem that typically affects adults middle age or older, though it can occur at any age.  The sensation can be mild or intense, with some people even likening it to being in contact with scalding water.  For other people BMS can cause mouth soreness or a metallic taste.

The cause of BMS is undetermined, but possible factors include nutrition, anemia, nerve damage, oral infections, or hormonal changes.

BMS is treatable in many cases and your dentist or doctor can help by diagnosing the cause and administering the proper course of care, which can be medication, vitamin supplements, or other options.

Brushing and proper oral hygiene can also help BMS, although alcohol-based mouth rinses can aggravate the condition.

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