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Toothpaste Flavors: Variety Can Brighten Your Smile

Coloured toothpaste coming out of a tubeIt used to be that toothpaste pretty much came in one flavor—an undistinguished mint that freshened your mouth, but didn’t really get you very excited.  And if you or a child in the family didn’t like the flavor—that’s too bad.  This discouraged many people from brushing as often as they should.

But today, there is a surprising variety of toothpaste flavors available!  In fact, the range may have gone a little too far.

In addition to the mint varieties, many toothpaste companies offer flavors like citrus and other refreshing options.  There are also specialty flavors that cater to children’s tastes! As well as specialty toothpastes for Tooth Sensitivity and teeth whitening!

And if you want to go really crazy, there’s licorice flavored toothpaste, monkey banana, outrageous orange mango, pumpkin pudding, bubble gum, cola, Indian curry and a whole lot more!

Obviously some of these are way outside what most of us would consider to be good toothpaste choices, but the point is this:  If you like your toothpaste, chances are you or your family members are more inclined to brush, and most likely, brush a little longer. And if you don’t like your current toothpaste, there are many other choices out there to try!

This can be a very good thing!

So it might not be a bad idea to add a little variety to your life and pick up a couple of different toothpaste flavors.  You grown-ups can even try some of the kid’s choices.

Because the more fun (And Better Tasting) you have brushing, the healthier your smile can be!

If you have any questions please feel free to Ask the Experts HERE and one of our dentists will respond back ASAP.

PS: For children, the benefit of fluoride in the toothpaste is minimal (Fluoride in the water is the most important). For adults, fluoride in the toothpaste has practically no affect on tooth structure or resistance to decay. It is the action of brushing thoroughly AND flossing that prevents decay and gum disease.


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