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White Teeth May Not Be Healthy Teeth

Portrait of beautiful girl with perfect smile. Isolated on whiteTooth whitening techniques have given millions of people bright, gleaming, “movie star” smiles.

But are these teeth really healthy?

If you’re just making sure your teeth are white, but aren’t doing other things for good dental hygiene like regular professional cleanings and checkups, you could be asking for trouble.

Whitening systems may keep your teeth sparkling, but they may also be masking plaque and tartar buildup, which can cause gum inflammation and lead to both tooth and gum problems.

Many people think that since their smile is still bright, they can postpone a dental visit for a cleaning until their teeth start to dim.  But teeth still should be professionally cleaned (preferably every six months) not just to help keep them bright, but to remove deposits that cause problems.

So if you’re proud of your smile, but haven’t been for a checkup in a while, it’s a good thing to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Because you want to keep your smile not just white, but also healthy.

To learn more about how to make your smile as bright and healthy as possible, visit our website, and use the “Ask the Expert” feature to get your questions answered.

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