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Selecting a Dental Provider By Insurance Plan

Health insurance.We have all done it. Put off making that pesky dental appointment because you’re not sure who to trust with your smile… only to realize later that procrastination not only leads to pain in your mouth but a lighter wallet as well.

Everyone is concerned with the cost of dental treatment, so finding a dentist that participates with your family’s insurance is usually the most cost effective way to manage expenses, right? Not necessarily.

Insurance companies make it sound as though you will be saving tons of money by seeing only providers that are listed as “in network”. While this may be true in some instances, it is not always the best rule of thumb. Finding an office that is most suited for you and your family may take some research as all doctors and their staff work differently. Just because an office is contracted with your insurance company doesn’t mean they enjoy seeing children, offer digital x-rays, or will work with the specialists you’ve been seeing for years.

By seeing a doctor that is contracted with your insurance company, you’re simply being guaranteed a specific list of fees. The clerical staff will be able to quote within a few dollars (usually) of what your out-of-pocket expense will be. By seeing a doctor who is not contracted, the out-of-pocket may, or may not be higher – it all depends on what is “reasonable and customary” in your area. Without sitting down with a list of fees and boring procedure codes, you would never be able to determine if you’re actually saving money by seeing an in network provider.

At Charlotte Dentistry®, we don’t believe in letting insurance dictate the best course of treatment. We believe in delivering exceptional customer service and the very best dental care. While we are in network with several insurance plans for local employers, we also accept and file most other policies. Our staff strives to eliminate the guess work when it comes to dental expenses because we don’t like surprise statements in the mail, either! We are able to contact your insurance company specifically and find out your costs (sometimes down to the penny!) before you are expected to pay a thing.

Call us today at 704.376.6470 and let us tell you how we are able to work with your insurance to maximize your benefits! And remember we have a staff of wonderful professionals ready to answer all your Dental Questions at our Ask the Expert feature.

~Written By Rachael Armstrong


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