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A Wise Strategy For Wisdom Teeth

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Many people have their wisdom teeth (third molars) removed as young adults. This is done when there is not enough room in the patient’s mouth and the tooth may become “impacted,” or unable to break through the gums. According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) nine out of ten people have at least one Impacted wisdom tooth.

An impacted tooth may damage adjacent teeth, or it can become infected, causing gum disease or even systemic infections that can affect the heart, kidneys or other organs. Cysts may form, growing and hollowing out the jaw while also potentially damaging nerves.

And research suggests that when periodontal disease becomes established in the third molar region, it can be persistent even with proper dental hygiene.

For some people, wisdom teeth emerge normally and they have no pain from them. Some people don’t have third molars, a phenomenon that may be becoming more common. But if a patient has third molars, and the patient is pain free, what is the best course of treatment?

The answer is careful monitoring and regular cleanings and checkups (including x-rays) to make sure no changes are occurring. Age is also a consideration, the younger the patient is, when wisdom teeth are removed, the faster and easier the recovery because the roots of the tooth have yet to form completely and the bone surrounding the teeth is softer.

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