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Hectic Family Life? Tip: Have Dental Checkups Before Back To School

Pediatric dentist assistant and little boy all smilingBack to school time is a challenge even for the most organized family. Everybody has too much to do, and it can take a month or so before everyone is used to new times for getting up, getting going, and getting in the groove with new after-school activities.

With all the furor, something important can get left out—dental checkups. It’s easy to postpone a checkup for a child—or an adult—and try to make it up later. Too, often, that doesn’t happen.

So it can be very wise to look at getting routine checkups BEFORE school starts and everyone’s lives become crazier. There are a number of advantages to this:

1. You have more flexibility with choosing appointment times. After school begins, every parent begins asking for appointments in those afternoon hours just after school, so it can be difficult to get an opening. If you schedule before school begins, you can pick times that are more convenient for you and the kids.

2. You can schedule follow-up appointments easier. Suppose a family member needs another appointment to get a procedure done. You’ll have more options if you schedule now rather than after time slots start filling up.

And, if someone in the family needs extra dental care, now is a good time to plan for it during the course of the year. If significant work is needed, you still have time to get it scheduled and completed before the end of the calendar year—which is when many dental insurance plans re-set your deductibles.

3. You can use the dental appointment as a way to break lazy summer dental hygiene habits. It’s easy for kids to slack off on brushing and flossing during the summer, because days are more unstructured. A dental appointment before the end of summer helps everyone “snap to,” and start paying attention to better habits. (Remember, The American Dental Association recommends spending at least three minutes a day brushing your teeth. That’s not much time, but many people spend less than one minute a day on brushing.)

4. You can also use the appointment as a way to add enthusiasm to a dental care routine. As you’re in the process of getting back-to-school supplies, a dental checkup and a new toothbrush help get kids focused on the changes in routine they’re about to go through (August is also a good month to switch brushes, so that in three months time, you’re switching again at Halloween to provide an extra boost in tooth care.)

5. Parents can get checkups now, too. Your schedule gets even more hectic when school starts if you’re juggling activities for several kids. Now is a good time to have your checkup taken care of as well.
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