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ToothFairy Club Is Healthy Fun For Kids And Family

AT Proud SupporterIf you’d like to get your kids involved in a fun activity that can mean better smiles, check out this link to the ToothFairy Club: It’s free to join, and your kids will get a variety of activities—songs, games, puzzles, and videos, for example—that teach them better dental health and can help them avoid dental problems. Parents can get involved, too, so the whole family can benefit.

Charlotte Dentistry® is proud to be associated National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s ToothFairy® (NCOHF). This organization is dedicated to eliminating children’s preventable suffering from pediatric dental disease by providing programs and comprehensive resources to deliver community-based critical preventive, educational and treatment services.

Drs. Tom Armstrong and Jonathan Eshleman of Charlotte Dentistry are recognized as Dentists of Distinction in the NCOHF program for their contributions.

Formed in the U.S. in 2006 as a collaborative effort of clinicians, academicians, corporate leaders and caring individuals, NCOHF supports the delivery of oral health education and care at the prenatal level. NCOHF has extended its services through new programs in Canada, so it reaches children throughout North America.

Pediatric dental disease can have devastating social and economic consequences for vulnerable children and families. America’s ToothFairy / Canada’s ToothFairy serves as educator about the importance of oral health, preventer of disease and protector of children. NCOHF provides materials for community outreach activities, oral health screenings and treatment for at-risk children, xylitol, fluoride and sealant products to prevent tooth decay and vital oral health education for all children and their families.

NCOHF, through its America’s ToothFairy/Canada’s ToothFairy programs, brings together corporate and civic leaders, allied health professionals, educators and other caring individuals in a collaborative community-based approach, to effectively break the cycle of this disease. It delivers help to millions of underserved children and the promise of a happy, healthy future.

NCOHF programs help children from infants to teens. And NCOHF and the work of its volunteers change lives.

Here’s an example: Savannah, a talented teen and aspiring singer, had endured teasing and bullying because of her teeth. Fearing ridicule, she would hide her smile and even learned to sing without showing her teeth. Her family wanted to help their daughter, but with five children to feed and clothe, there was never enough money to get Savannah the dental treatment she needed.

A Director of her local Boys & Girls Club recommended Savannah for Tomorrow’s Smiles, another NCOHF program. Savannah has gotten life-changing care from a volunteer dentist, and she is now teaching younger children at her Boys & Girls Club how to prevent tooth decay and maintain a healthy smile.

And her new-found confidence has let Savannah take her music far and wide. She’s a YouTube sensation, and was featured on the Ellen show. She is also a dedicated volunteer in the anti-bullying campaign at her Boys & Girls Club.

If you’d like to know more about the services of NCOHF simply visit their website. OR visit the “Ask The Expert” feature of our website for answers to your dental health questions.

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